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The number of crimes that happen on a daily basis is staggering. Some are more direct than others. Direct assaults against a person or property are obvious. Crimes such as toxic dumping, pollution, fraud, bribery, perjury, illegal immigration and embezzlement are just as severe, but it’s harder for us to see the immediate impacts they have on our lives.

Personal wellness can be affected by many things. The toxins in our environment grow daily. Stress caused by our financial conditions, work environment, personal relationships and family-related responsibilities can have devastating effects on our health. New viruses and antibiotic-resistant bacteria keep appearing with no available medical cure.

Mental health problems continue to rise. Physical brain problems can be caused by pollutants in our environment, improperly tested medicines, dangerous food additives and chemical dependency. Chemical and hormonal imbalances seem to have greater occurrence. Emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress seem almost rampant in today’s world.

Physical fitness is at an extreme low. What feeds this problem are extra long work days, demanding ruthlessly competitive work hours with less reward, endless commutes, feelings of exhaustion and no free time. The amount of gym classes in schools being continuously reduced increasing obesity in children. Electronics entertainment is growingly consuming lives.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer as the gap continues to widen. Narrow-minded people scream the loudest so that they are heard. Self-proclaimed prophets and leaders send others to die for what they would not die for themselves. Politicians with personal agendas misdirect the masses’ attention to fulfill their greed, be it for power or money.

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